A Chance to Freelance


Rainesoft Blog   •   Nov 13, 2017

If you’ve been cooped up in an office for a while working a 9-5 like I’ve been for over 5 years, it won’t take you long to appreciate the concept of freelancing. Growing up in a traditional Ghanaian home, I always believed a “real” job meant waking up every morning, driving to work, pushing paper and getting back home in the evening in time for dinner with the family. And this is what I’ve been doing my entire adult working life. Just as my parents did. But working in tech as an app developer, this just didn’t feel right.

I knew I was capable of producing the exact same results (and even more) working from anywhere with an internet connection, and at anytime. So I began exploring opportunities that would allow me to do this. Then I came across sites like Upwork.

The Bug Caught Me

I was hooked. To find out how I could make working remotely my reality, I signed up for a Udemy course that explained how to freelance full-time. This included concepts such as;

  • Finding high paying jobs and clients
  • Tactics for applying to and winning jobs
  • Earning consistent monthly revenue

The valuable lessons taught can be applied to any freelance job portal. Equipped with this knowledge, you can control what you work on, where you work, and at what time you choose to work on it.

Your Time Belongs to You!

I know this now and I’m excited to start my journey as a freelancer! You can too. Why not spend that extra 1 or 2 hours commuting to work adding an extra feature to WOW your client? Or work throughout the night when you get that brilliant idea knowing you can take a well deserved nap later in the day once the job is complete?